Friends and family probalby know that I get migraines. I get whiny when I get them, I try not to but HOLY COW they HURT!!! And I’ve been told (3 times) by my OB that I have a high pain tolerance. Anyway, these boogers usually show up about once a month, if not twice! However, it has been just over a month since I last had a migraine. Probably more. I have taken my meds 2 times in that time, thinking that I was getting one, but each of those times only one pill was required and that was the end of it. Normally, the migraine lasts 2-3 days and I take 2-3 pills in that time. Along with ice packs and whining and lying in bed.

So…what’s different. Well, the main thing I think of is that I have had no pop (maybe a sip here or there, but not a whole glass) since July 8 and no coffee (caffeine) since July 11. I have been drinking just water…oops…I did have a glass of sassafrass tea while at a local festival. I have also been trying to Eat Clean. I am not ovelry successful in that, but have improved quite a bit.

I’m so excited to have gone this long without them. I would love for it to continue….FOREVER…but I┬ádon’t really expect that to be the case. We’ll see.