Food tracking

There are so many benefits to tracking food eaten. It can be a pain to do it sometimes, but it really does help. You are able to see what you have eaten and can offer insight to weight loss/gain. I’ve found that it can even help you to refrain from eating something because you don’t want to track it. Tracking allows me to really see when I’ve done better and the difference that can make in weight loss.

All that said, I have not tracked at all since Tues. I think I’m pouting…lol! I’m in this mindset that I’m tired of having to work so hard and spend so much time thinking about this weight loss. I just want it to be, to happen. Obviously, this is not going to just happen. It requires work and dedication and thought. So, if I hop on those scales on Wed. and see I gain I should not be at all surprised.

Here’s the brief rundown since Wednesday’s weigh in. I was STARVING after my meeting (which starts at noon). I normally don’t eat a whole lot before the meeting, but at least something in the morning. I’m not sure why, but I was even more hungry than usual. I went to lunch at Hacienda afterwards. I SCARFED down so many chips and my food. It seemed like all afternoon I just wanted to eat. I got an alfredo meal at Sam’s for supper and garlic bread. I did eat a salad, but a bit more alfredo than I should have. Plus, the other snacks and such throughout the afternoon and evening. Just had the munchies.

Thursday morning is Bible study and there is always goodies there. We did McD’s for lunch for my niece’s birthday and I ate a McDouble and a yogurt parfait and a few of the boys’ fries. Then pizza for supper. And more misc. snacking.

Friday I took a snooze once my oldest got on the bus, so I didn’t eat much til late morning. I did ok, but did go a bit overboard eating Reese’s pieces. Then we had family night at my aunt and uncles. There were sloppy joes and chips and YUMMMMMMYY dip. Again, just mindless eating.

So, back to tracking? Um, yes! Notice what I just said? MINDLESS eating. That’s when I get in trouble. I get tired of thinking about it, but I need to get over it and get used to thinking. I think I DESERVE to eat stuff I shouldn’t. Like I mentioned the other day…I feel like right now it’s almost more of a mental struggle than a physical one. I’m really working on changing how I think about food and feel about it and such.

One last note…all that snacking and “junky” food. I  definitely notice a difference in the way I feel. Time to dig into those fruits and veggies I bought this week and be done with junk.