Weigh-in Wednesday and Juicing!


As you know from previous weigh-in posts…I’m getting a bit frustrated! I’m ready to see the scales go down!!! I weighed in this morning at 193.6. That is down 1.4 lbs. Yay!

I have a new goal for the next 7-10 days. Juicing! I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The man in the documentary did a 60 day juice fast. I do not plan on going to that extreme, but I figure 7-10 would be beneficial. I’m hoping this will jump-start things a bit. A cleanse with some weight loss (hopefully) and then I plan to go back eating plant-based.

I went to the grocery yesterday to stock up on some fruits and vegetables. Here is what I got:



I already had some other things that can be used too. I’m not sure how long all of this will last. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but I guess it’s not really that much more than buying food for the way I eat normally.

I had a fruit-based juice for breakfast. It included spinach, oranges, lime, grapes, cucumber and pear. I think that was it…forgot already. I just kind of threw some things in and hoped it worked out.  It was actually very tasty!

For lunch I’m having veggies: spinach, apple, carrot, celery, cucumber, and a tiny bit of ginger. Again, we were just adding things to it. It doesn’t taste too bad, I wouldn’t say delicious, but it’s something I can drink.

So far, so good…we’ll see what I’m saying after another day or two of just juice!

If you’ve juiced and have a favorite combination I would LOVE to hear it!



OH….that dreaded word. Why is it so hard to exercise? I know I will feel better, look better, and be stronger. It has so many health benefits…besides just losing weight.

The last few nights I have done a little exercising. A little is better than none at all, right?

I had a bit of motivation as well…a few days ago I got my lab results. I was very frustrated to learn that my cholesterol is 22 points higher than right after I started eating plant-based. I know I haven’t been doing it 100%, but I was hoping it had gone down instead of up!!! My HDL (good) was great, but LDL (bad) was a bit high. My coronary risk was low, so that was good! I was told that the only way to improve my HDL any more than it already is…exercise! So, she said I am kind of in the middle…I can start meds or keep working on diet and exercise to try to improve things. NO THANK YOU to those meds. I’ve heard some not-so-good things about them and I do not want to do that if it’s not completely necessary.

The other good news? My thyroid was back in the normal range. I have not been taking the prescription meds since the beginning of Nov. I know they help, but I’ve also read that your body becomes increasingly dependent on them. She told me I could go back on the meds if I think it will help symptoms (don’t really have many), or continue as I am and check again in 3 months. Let me think, NO thank you to meds if I can avoid that.

So…I guess it’s time to get busy and get rid of this extra weight! Time to really be aware of what–and how much–I’m eating.

What kind of exercise do you like to do?

Still going

I posted back in August (I forgot I did) about starting a plant-based diet. Amazingly, it really has not been that hard for me to continue. As I said in the post I NEVER in a million years thought I could be vegan (basically what I’m doing). A few years ago, I couldn’t have been. There are tons of foods that I eat and enjoy now that I wouldn’t have even considered then.

Now, I haven’t been a fanatic about eating this way. I’ve had a few things here and there that “aren’t on my diet” as my boys like to remind me. Ha! But, I do have to say some of the things that sound really good, things I think I’m really missing…not so much. They don’t taste as good, but even more importantly I don’t feel good after I eat them. Things like pizza. I love pizza and I’ve had a slice here and there, but it doesn’t quite hit the spot like I think it will. I’m not satisfied like I would be after eating a big plate of sauteed veggies and rice or a nice piece of fruit. Again, I’m not perfect, I still eat things that I shouldn’t, but it’s getting easier to not be so tempted.

It’s a little tricky since my family isn’t eating this way. I just try to make sure there are plenty of veggies, grains and/or fruit to go with their meat. And speaking of meat…that is probably what I have missed the least. Red meat especially. I’ve had a few bites of chicken or fish, but a few bites is more than enough.  In reality, not eating meat has taken some of the stress out of making meals.

Lunches were the hardest. We home school, so we eat pretty much every meal at home. Some days I was so stuck about what to fix for lunch in order to provide the needed protein. In my mind, that protein needed to come from some kind of meat. Now, that pressure is not there. I am content to make a bunch of sauteed veggies, vegetable soup, rice and beans, peanut butter apples, etc. I also no longer feel the need to push the boys to eat their meat.

I haven’t lost much weight since my last post in August. However, I also started working at a restaurant about that same time. I think I was nibbling and eating things I shouldn’t have more than I realized. I am no longer working there, so hopefully the weight will start to go away! I was glad to discover that I did not gain over Christmas…even though I did eat quite a few cookies and plenty of “snacky” stuff. Still less than I would have normally eaten, though. We have been home a week and I am already down 1 pound.

I’m sorry for the rambling. I will try to gather my thoughts a bit more next time. I guess I just feel like I have so much to say, but I can’t say it all at once…