Decisions, decisions…

Well, here it is…the end of Day 3 of my juice fast. I started out with intentions to fast for 7-10 days. Now I’m not sure what to do. Here’s what I’m thinking:

1. As of this morning (2 days of fasting) I was already down almost 5 lbs. This is fantastic! I am now in the 180s. I’m guessing I will be down some more when I weigh in tomorrow morning. I was hoping to use this time to jump-start some losing…and that’s obviously happening.

2. I have not had a lot of the “side-effects” that many seem to have such as headache, feeling sick, body aches, fatigue, etc. I believe much of the reason for this is that I have already cleaned up my eating habits quite a bit in the last 6 months. I’m thinking that I didn’t have as much detoxing since I’ve not been eating much processed food, dairy, eggs, meat, etc.

3. I do feel much better. I feel a lot less bloated.

4. I’m ready to eat…and what do I want to eat? I want a big plate of veggies and maybe some quinoa or beans or something. So, at least I’m not craving junk!

5. A small factor: I’ve juiced a majority of the produce I bought earlier this week. And that gets EXPENSIVE!

Okay, so I don’t want to be a quitter. I really went into this not knowing what to expect. I’ve read about the experiences of others, but each person is different. Right? Well, I really feel like I’ve done a good job at sticking with this. It has made me realize how hung up on eating I have become. Some days I get tired of thinking about food, but also eat more than my fair share. I realize that I do a lot more grazing than I think I do.

I am proud of the ways that I have changed what I’ve been eating over the past 6 months. Again, this is something I never, EVER thought I could (or would) do! I am proud that I have done 3 days of a juice fast! I don’t really feel like a quitter, I guess. Just changing the plan…which was not something that was set in stone anyway.

I can honestly say that I don’t want to quit because I’m hungry. Yes, I’ve been hungry more often than usual, but that is actually a good feeling once in a while. I don’t mind the juice. It’s not extremely tasty, but it’s not horrible either. I suppose I just feel like this has done my body good and that I’m ready to go back to eating healthy. I’ve realized some areas where I need to be careful, so I will continue to work on that.

I will probably do a juice fast every so often…maybe just for a day or two. I may even replace a meal here and there with juice. I am ready to go back to eating right and I think I will enjoy that food now even more than I did before.

Can you tell I’m sort of trying to convince myself here? I need to just make up my mind and get on with it. I do have juice made for breakfast…or maybe I will drink that now (I’m rather hungry). And then I will just ease back into eating. Smaller meals, that are mostly veggies for now.



OH….that dreaded word. Why is it so hard to exercise? I know I will feel better, look better, and be stronger. It has so many health benefits…besides just losing weight.

The last few nights I have done a little exercising. A little is better than none at all, right?

I had a bit of motivation as well…a few days ago I got my lab results. I was very frustrated to learn that my cholesterol is 22 points higher than right after I started eating plant-based. I know I haven’t been doing it 100%, but I was hoping it had gone down instead of up!!! My HDL (good) was great, but LDL (bad) was a bit high. My coronary risk was low, so that was good! I was told that the only way to improve my HDL any more than it already is…exercise! So, she said I am kind of in the middle…I can start meds or keep working on diet and exercise to try to improve things. NO THANK YOU to those meds. I’ve heard some not-so-good things about them and I do not want to do that if it’s not completely necessary.

The other good news? My thyroid was back in the normal range. I have not been taking the prescription meds since the beginning of Nov. I know they help, but I’ve also read that your body becomes increasingly dependent on them. She told me I could go back on the meds if I think it will help symptoms (don’t really have many), or continue as I am and check again in 3 months. Let me think, NO thank you to meds if I can avoid that.

So…I guess it’s time to get busy and get rid of this extra weight! Time to really be aware of what–and how much–I’m eating.

What kind of exercise do you like to do?

Hi Bob!

Dusted off my sad DVDs that have been wondering what happened to their owner. My four year old wanted me to break out Jillian and do level 3. Is he craaaazy?? Or maybe he will grow up to be a personal trainer. Ha! He thinks that Jillian’s workout is shorter (I interrupted his movie to exercise). However, Bob’s workout may be a few minutes longer, but it seems to go much faster. So, I outvoted my little trainer and hung out with Bob. Ah yes, I do kinda miss that workout. If I miss it and they way I feel after doing it, then why not just keep doing it? Once again…it’s all about changing habits.

(I think he is getting ready to kick my butt!)

OLD HABIT: being lazy, making excuses for not working out.

NEW HABIT: make it part of my daily routine

I can’t just add the new habit, I also have to break the old. I guess this is becoming my new approach right now. It seems simple enough, but I guess we often tend to make things harder than the need to be. We become so focused on new habits that we forgot how important it is to break the old ones too. Yes, I know, I keep repeating this. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I say it.

Off to face tomorrow and work on my new habit and chuck the old!  What are some habits you are working on?

Not just physical, but mental too

This has been quite a journey already. I am “this” close to hitting 30 lbs lost. I am wearing smaller sizes. I am feeling better. I’m working on better habits.

Those things are mostly physical, but the mental part is often more difficult than the physical. It’s hard to keep exercising (this is a very new habit for me). It is hard to make healthy food choices. Sometimes I wonder how I can continue to do this. It seems like so much time and energy is put into thinking about what I eat. So…this brings me back to the habits.

I’ve got to exchange the bad habits for good. Exchange! I can’t just try to add in good habits, the bad habits have to go too! I still have weight to lose, but I’m beginning to wonder if it is time to stop being so caught up with that and to focus on habits. I need to continue to lose, but there are other things that have to change as well. I can lose all the weight in the world, but if I don’t change those habits, then all that weight will find me again.

This has to be a new lifestyle–a new habit! It HAS to be. I don’t want the health risks that come with being overweight. I don’t want to feel miserable. I don’t want to look that way ever again. I don’t expect to be super thin. I want to be healthy, feel better and have more energy. I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a plateau (weight-wise), but I know that things are still changing. I have to continue working on who I am on the inside. Maybe it sounds silly, but I don’t want to be the same person anymore. One thing my WW leader talked about at our last meeting is that people see her before picture and say she looks like a different person. She tells them “That’s because I am”. It’s about so much more than weight loss. I need to keep that in mind and be ready to work on the whole picture…physical and mental.

Does it get easier?

I know that doing WW is working. But the thought on my mind the last few weeks has been that it’s not just a diet. I need to be working hard to create new habits, habits that will stick around even after I’ve met my weight loss goal. I can’t seem to stay within my points values for the day. I do have the extra weekly points to use, but I would really like to stick with daily points in order to continue at a better pace. I’ve been trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies. It is getting better, but I have still have a long way to go.

I’m learning that I feel MUCH better when I stick to the filling foods items. And the healthier foods. I’ve known this was the case, but I am really starting to notice it even more lately. My brain tells me that I want to eat all those foods that I always have, but my body says ICK!!! I need to be better about listening to my body and not the brain. I’ve got to teach the brain that it likes other things.

So…I’m hoping that soon things will begin to “click” a bit more. That I will prefer to eat the new things I’m trying rather than the junk I always ate before. I also need to take some time to find some new recipes. New ways to prepare food. I’m in this for the long haul. I’m excited to hit my goal–even if I still have a ways to go. I want to get to goal and I NEVER want to go back! I want to feel good, I want to look good and most of all I want to be healthy and not have to worry quite so much about what health risks may be hovering nearby because of my weight.

Of course, one of those new habits has to be activity. I have GOT to get active and stay that way. I’ve started on that journey as well, but still have lots of learning to do. I know I feel better when I workout, but some days it is still hard to get my butt in gear.

What do I need to do?
1.  I need to start following the Weight Watchers plan and not the “Jess plan”. I may stay within or close to my daily points, but I’m still not following the Good Health Guidelines as I should.
2. MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! Even when I may not feel like it, remember that I will feel better!