Weigh-in Wednesday


Yeah…it’s that day again. Ugh! Guess I’m not doing as well as I thought. I didn’t like what the scale said this morning. I was up about 0.4lb. It’s not much, but it’s moving in the wrong direction.

I have been exercising a bit this week. Not nearly as much as I should, but I guess something is better than nothing, right? I’m going to have to get serious about the exercise. I know that will really make a big difference.



OH….that dreaded word. Why is it so hard to exercise? I know I will feel better, look better, and be stronger. It has so many health benefits…besides just losing weight.

The last few nights I have done a little exercising. A little is better than none at all, right?

I had a bit of motivation as well…a few days ago I got my lab results. I was very frustrated to learn that my cholesterol is 22 points higher than right after I started eating plant-based. I know I haven’t been doing it 100%, but I was hoping it had gone down instead of up!!! My HDL (good) was great, but LDL (bad) was a bit high. My coronary risk was low, so that was good! I was told that the only way to improve my HDL any more than it already is…exercise! So, she said I am kind of in the middle…I can start meds or keep working on diet and exercise to try to improve things. NO THANK YOU to those meds. I’ve heard some not-so-good things about them and I do not want to do that if it’s not completely necessary.

The other good news? My thyroid was back in the normal range. I have not been taking the prescription meds since the beginning of Nov. I know they help, but I’ve also read that your body becomes increasingly dependent on them. She told me I could go back on the meds if I think it will help symptoms (don’t really have many), or continue as I am and check again in 3 months. Let me think, NO thank you to meds if I can avoid that.

So…I guess it’s time to get busy and get rid of this extra weight! Time to really be aware of what–and how much–I’m eating.

What kind of exercise do you like to do?

Jillian is back

I managed to add exercise 2 days this week. Still needs improvement, but it’s better than I was doing. I went for a 40 minute/6 mile bike ride on Monday and hung out with Jillian today. Still kicks my butt, but it feels good too. Gets me moving and helps me to get busy and get some things done in the morning. I need to continue to work on the exercise thing. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. I know that I will feel better, get stronger, have more energy, but when it is time to do it I never feel like it. Guess I need to just get over that, huh? Just get it done! I’m hoping to be able to ride bike more often since it hasn’t been so stinkin’ hot the last few days.

Okay, well, I’m off to my Weight Watchers meeting. Maybe I can actually get my weigh ins updated later today. I’m sure not very consistent in this blogging thing.

Weigh-in Wednesday

What to expect today? I worked like crazy in the flowerbeds. Digging and moving big old rocks and old water tanks and working up ground and pulling grass that is up to my thigh and sweating. Yes. Sweating. Not the “glistening” that most women claim to do….nope…S.W.E.A.T. I am convinced that I have the sweat glands like a man. LOL! Anyway…back to the weigh in. So, I did all this hard work, but then I let myself eat more than I should have because I “worked so hard”. And, by now you’ve guessed, that I had a small gain this week. It was only 0.4 lbs, but a gain it is. Why is it that I always have to learn the hard way? Why do I think I DESERVE to overeat or go back to making poor choices? Geez, Jess, use your brain! It’s good to be doing all that activity, but then eating too much and eating junk just negates all that hard work!

I swear the people who plan the topics for Weight Watchers meetings must spy on me each week. It seems like the topic we discuss is always what I’m struggling with at the moment. We discussed how much exercise it takes to enhance weight loss, improve health, maintain weight loss, firm and tone and one other (of course it left my brain at the moment). At MINIMUM I should be doing at least 30-40 minutes at least 5 days per week. Okay, okay. I need to exercise! I know…well, my brain knows. Now it just needs to notify the rest of me to GET MOVING. Even when I don’t feel like it. It will make me feel better, help me have more energy and on and on. AND, not just exercise, but combine that with better eating choices! Some day I will get this all to fall in place and be a habit.

Yard work=EXERCISE!

I spent about 3 hours working in the yard yesterday. (I kept thinking I would take pics of the progress, but I didn’t go get the camera). Mom started the work while I was gone and I finished it while she was gone. There is a large flower bed alongside the garage. However, it is one that never really got finished. So there was a good deal of work to get it cleaned up. This included diggin up the grass that was slowly creeping in, pulling up the plastic that was under a layer of dirt, and moving some BIG rocks. Needless to say, I got a great workout. I also drug a bunch of branches out to the burn pile. Next will be getting the bed planted.

I have to say, that is the kind of workout I enjoy. I can see results from what I did. And I enjoy doing that kind of work. It was also great to get out and enjoy the fresh air and get some sun. I slept so well last night and fell asleep quite quickly after laying down. Next week I need to get strawberries planted, that flower bed planted and also help out in my grandparents’ garden.  So even if I don’t get any DVDs done or anything else, I should still get in some good activity. Now, if the weather will just cooperate so that we can do all that work.


 I’ve decided that my scales don’t go under 175. LOL! Well, okay, I guess they do, but they just haven’t for me yet! I’ve been going back and forth between 175 and 177 (on my home scales) for weeks! I guess it really is time to get this kickstarted once again.

Sometimes I think my brain is stuck more than my body. I’m reminding myself that I am becoming a new person, and that changes are taking place inside and out. Maybe this is my body’s way of letting my mind have a bit of time to catch up. How is that for an excuse?

So…off to hang out with Jillian or Bob in a few minutes.

Weigh-in Wednesday

After spending most of my week NOT tracking, of NOT eating very well at all. I wouldn’t have been surprised to gain 1 pound or more! But, I gained 0.4. Yes, it’s a gain, but I was expecting it. So now, time to get busy and get back to tracking and EXERCISE!!!

I have been reading Jessica’s blog and I think she is reading my mind. Her post today was about hating exercise. I don’t know that I would say I hate it, but just don’t feel like doing it. One of her readers commented about a challenge she in which she participated. The challenge was to exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Anything…walking, running, working out or just playing with your children. Any activity is better than none. It’s not always about burning TONS of calories each time (although that is great), but about moving more! What a great reminder! I think this might be the approach that I need to take.

Hi Bob!

Dusted off my sad DVDs that have been wondering what happened to their owner. My four year old wanted me to break out Jillian and do level 3. Is he craaaazy?? Or maybe he will grow up to be a personal trainer. Ha! He thinks that Jillian’s workout is shorter (I interrupted his movie to exercise). However, Bob’s workout may be a few minutes longer, but it seems to go much faster. So, I outvoted my little trainer and hung out with Bob. Ah yes, I do kinda miss that workout. If I miss it and they way I feel after doing it, then why not just keep doing it? Once again…it’s all about changing habits.

(I think he is getting ready to kick my butt!)

OLD HABIT: being lazy, making excuses for not working out.

NEW HABIT: make it part of my daily routine

I can’t just add the new habit, I also have to break the old. I guess this is becoming my new approach right now. It seems simple enough, but I guess we often tend to make things harder than the need to be. We become so focused on new habits that we forgot how important it is to break the old ones too. Yes, I know, I keep repeating this. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I say it.

Off to face tomorrow and work on my new habit and chuck the old!  What are some habits you are working on?

Yeah…good plan

So, the runing you ask? I think I’ve done that two days. It’s just difficult to find time to do it. Especially since there are little people involved, who of course, cannot be left unsupervised. I guess one thing that has made it more difficult is that mom is out of town this week. Normally, she would be here and I could sneak out for a while during naps or whenever. How’s that for an excuse. And even with no running…no other exercise happened either. I should have cracked open the DVD case and popped one in. Again, not using time wisely. This exercise business is going to be a difficult habit for me to form it seems. I really want to do it. I feel better when I do it. The things I’ve been doing (DVD, walk/run) don’t take much time.

I should search the Weight Watchers site to see if I can find a challenge to join. I seemed to do well while participating in the 30 Day Shred challenge a couple months ago. I know that the exercise really helps to accelerate my weight loss as well. There’s the problem, I know all these things in my brain, I intend to do them, but that just doesn’t seem to happen most days. I doubt this weekend will be any better.

We are heading to Indy Friday night and Saturday. While there I will attend our former church’s Mother’s and Other’s Brunch (LOADS of points there I’m sure). I’m guessing we will also have several other meals out. We will be trying to see friends while there on a short visit as well. So, I better be careful what I eat and try not to sit around more than is necessary. I know the food will be delicious at the brunch, but I need to really be careful. I’m excited to say that some things that I think are a temptation are becoming less and less of a temptation lately. So, I’ll keep in mind that I feel much better when I try to choose some healthier options and not overdue “junk”. I’m also excited because I haven’t seen many who are attending since we moved almost 1 year ago….and almost 30 lbs ago!

Maybe no official exercise routine will happen again tomorrow, but I have plenty of housework–including SCRUBBING and hard water-stained tub–that should keep me on the move for most of the day.