Weigh-in Wednesday

I know, I’m not doing very well keeping up with this. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. So…here are the “results” from the last 3 weeks.

6/2/10: lost 1 lb
6/9/10: gained 0.2 lb
6/16/10: 0.2 lb

Got a bit of a yo-yo going on for the last month or so. I need that yo-yo to drop and not go back up. I do have to say that I was quite relieved to see that number this week. After a weekend of camping and the food that goes with it, I expected to gain more than that.

What did I eat while camping?
Friday: Eggs, hash browns and bacon for breakfast , hobo dinners for supper (hamburger, potatoes, carrots, onion wrapped in foil and put in the fire). I don’t remember what I ate for lunch, but it wasn’t much. I think maybe some fruit and something else.

Saturday: Sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast. Pudgie pie pizza for lunch. Fajitas for supper.

Sunday: Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Pudgie pie pizza for lunch and DQ for supper on the way home.

As I thought about it later I realized that I did eat what seemed like a lot and not what I would normally eat, especially at breakfast, but I didn’t eat as much as I would have before starting WW. Also, I barely snacked and when I did it was usually fruit. I had a couple snickerdoodles I made a homemade cinnamon roll or two and a few pieces of chocolate. But overall, not many snacks, which I think is what tends to get me in trouble.

THEN…Tuesday night…yes, the night before weigh-in…we had Chinese. Was I asking for a gain or what??? However, I really didn’t eat that much of the entrees on the buffet. I had a small serving of chicken and broccoli, some mushrooms in a sauce (maybe 4-6), 1 stuffed mushroom and 1 rangoon (I could make myself sick on those). NO lo mein noodles and NO chinese donut. I ate a cup of egg drop soup, a bunch of peel and eat shrimp, a couple crab legs and two pieces of sushi. I think that was it. Sounds like tons, but just had small portions of most things besides the shrimp. I was full when we left, but not miserable like I used to get. It felt good to make some better choices. And I felt better overall…the choices I made meant I wasn’t consuming massive amounts of sodium and fried foods. Speaking of fried food…I did have 3 pieces of sweet and sour chicken. Now that I think about it, I wasn’t starving a couple of hours later because I had eaten a bunch of fried and/or starchy stuff that didn’t last.

This week’s meeting focused on tracking. So that’s the goal for this week. I’ve been doing pretty well at tracking, but I would like to track every day and not “forget” things. I also need to work hard to stay within my points for the week. I need to get the scales moving again.