Hi Bob!

Dusted off my sad DVDs that have been wondering what happened to their owner. My four year old wanted me to break out Jillian and do level 3. Is he craaaazy?? Or maybe he will grow up to be a personal trainer. Ha! He thinks that Jillian’s workout is shorter (I interrupted his movie to exercise). However, Bob’s workout may be a few minutes longer, but it seems to go much faster. So, I outvoted my little trainer and hung out with Bob. Ah yes, I do kinda miss that workout. If I miss it and they way I feel after doing it, then why not just keep doing it? Once again…it’s all about changing habits.

(I think he is getting ready to kick my butt!)

OLD HABIT: being lazy, making excuses for not working out.

NEW HABIT: make it part of my daily routine

I can’t just add the new habit, I also have to break the old. I guess this is becoming my new approach right now. It seems simple enough, but I guess we often tend to make things harder than the need to be. We become so focused on new habits that we forgot how important it is to break the old ones too. Yes, I know, I keep repeating this. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I say it.

Off to face tomorrow and work on my new habit and chuck the old!  What are some habits you are working on?