Welcome! I started this blog several years ago to track my progress while on Weight Watchers. I did well on that program and lost about 30-35 lbs. However, I was not able to continue going to meetings and found myself gaining weight again. I gained almost all of it back (thankfully not more) before I decided I had to get busy and get it back off. I tried to do WW online, but that didn’t really work so well this time. I’ve tried the Eat Clean Diet. I liked that and felt good, it just wasn’t something I could stick to at that point in my life.

So, here we are in January, 2013. Of course this is the time of  year when everyone is making resolutions to eat healthy and exercise and all that. Well, of course, I need to do that too, but I actually started a new little journey back in July of 2012. I was introduced to Forks Over Knives. I found the documentary on hulu.com It was very interesting and presented a new challenge.

Could I really give up meat? And not only meat, but all animal products? Milk? Cheese? Butter? Eggs? Are you crazy??? That’s what I thought. I guess I am crazy, because that is just what I have done. I’ve given up all those things. I can’t say I haven’t eaten any of that, but very, very little of it. And to be honest…it doesn’t even sound good to me anymore.  I eat things now that I would have looked at and said, “No way!!!” before. Not only am I eating them, but very much enjoying them!

I really want to continue with this. I feel better and the health benefits are huge! So, follow along and see what happens.




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