A Little Painting Project

Okay, so this really has nothing to do with being plant-based. But it does have to do with the kitchen. Kitchen cabinet handles to be exact.

Our kitchen had these lovely handles on all the cabinets and drawers


First, I unscrewed all the handles and put the screws part way back on the handle. This gave me something to hold while painting.


I gathered up the supplies I would need. It’s not pictured, but I also used some wire on each knob.


Then, I used some sandpaper to rough them all up a bit. I wanted to make sure the paint would “stick” better. Once I was done sanding I wiped them all down with a dry rag to get all the dust off them.


Now, its time to paint. First, a coat of primer.


Then, I hung them up to dry. I did this in between each coat of primer and paint.


And, here’s the final project.



I did these back in July. Overall they have held up really well. There are a couple knobs that have a small chip in them, but this is because these two hit each other if opened at the same time or opened too far. I have 3 boys who drag a step-stool around the kitchen and even those are still in good shape. These cupboards are all opened FREQUENTLY. I do a lot of cooking and serve 3 meals a day to 5 people.

If I were really motivated I would also paint all the hinges (they are brass). However, I haven’t felt up to dealing with those and they don’t look THAT bad…lol!

This was a great way to change the look of the cupboards a bit without having to spend much money. Actually, the only thing I had to purchase was a can of spray paint.  We already had the primer and sandpaper.

Oh…the color I used was Rustoleum Oil-rubbed Bronze.








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