A Little Painting Project

Okay, so this really has nothing to do with being plant-based. But it does have to do with the kitchen. Kitchen cabinet handles to be exact.

Our kitchen had these lovely handles on all the cabinets and drawers


First, I unscrewed all the handles and put the screws part way back on the handle. This gave me something to hold while painting.


I gathered up the supplies I would need. It’s not pictured, but I also used some wire on each knob.


Then, I used some sandpaper to rough them all up a bit. I wanted to make sure the paint would “stick” better. Once I was done sanding I wiped them all down with a dry rag to get all the dust off them.


Now, its time to paint. First, a coat of primer.


Then, I hung them up to dry. I did this in between each coat of primer and paint.


And, here’s the final project.



I did these back in July. Overall they have held up really well. There are a couple knobs that have a small chip in them, but this is because these two hit each other if opened at the same time or opened too far. I have 3 boys who drag a step-stool around the kitchen and even those are still in good shape. These cupboards are all opened FREQUENTLY. I do a lot of cooking and serve 3 meals a day to 5 people.

If I were really motivated I would also paint all the hinges (they are brass). However, I haven’t felt up to dealing with those and they don’t look THAT bad…lol!

This was a great way to change the look of the cupboards a bit without having to spend much money. Actually, the only thing I had to purchase was a can of spray paint.  We already had the primer and sandpaper.

Oh…the color I used was Rustoleum Oil-rubbed Bronze.








Vegan Comfort Foods

Sometimes you just want those good ol’ comfort foods. Well, I found a recipe for lentil sloppy joes from Chocolate Covered Katie that looked pretty good. I don’t know that I’ve really ever eaten lentils before. If so it’s only been a couple of times. Anyway, I had some lentils that I bough at Whole Foods a couple months ago and decided this would be a great time to use those. They were an Autumn Blend and included a colorful mix of different types of lentils.

Lentil Sloppy Joes

I mixed up the recipe kind of like the directions said…haven’t I mentioned before that I don’t follow recipes very well? I didn’t really measure the spices, just dumped them in. I’d say I erred on the side of not as much instead of too much. I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of cumin so I only did a shake or so of that. It tasted pretty good, but I doctored a bit more by adding some barbeque sauce and a little yellow mustard. I also wondered if it would appeal to me even more if I made it like I would normally make my sloppy joes. I also wondered if my family would be willing to give it a taste if that were the case.

Since the lentils were a mix, I think that some of them were cooked more than others. Some were a bit more firm, but I kind of liked that.

Since I was having sloppy joes I thought I “needed” some kind of taters. So, I dug out the french fry cutter that my grandma gave to me and tried that out. I cooked the potatoes in the microwave for a few minutes (I love my Pampered Chef Micro-cookers). Then put them in a pan and broiled them for a bit. They could have stood to stay in a bit longer and get a little more crispy, but I was getting impatient.

I was very pleased with this meal. When I first started mixing it up I was a little unsure. And kept thinking that was a lot of lentils to waste if  I didn’t end up liking it. I will be adding this to my mental list of meals to make again. Although, it may not taste exactly the same the next time.

What vegan comfort foods do you love? I’d love to hear some more ideas. Especially if they are something my non-planted based, rather picky family might eat!

Juicing: Day 4 Update

I started the day with some fruit-based juice. I had been considering bringing the fast to an end earlier than planned. However, the juice was already made, so I had that for breakfast.

By lunchtime I was starting to feel light-headed when I would stand up…just another reason to go back to eating solid foods. Maybe I sound like a wimp, but I also had to work that afternoon. I didn’t want to feel weak and dizzy while at work. So at lunch I had a small salad and some strawberries. It felt good to be able to chew some food. I enjoyed the crunch of the salad and the strawberries tasted wonderful!

I was still feeling a bit shaky and rather hungry when it was time to head to work (about 2:30pm), so I cooked up some potatoes and added a tiny bit of BBQ sauce to them. I had those after I got to work.

For supper I had another small salad, this time with a few pecans. Then I had an apple later in the evening.

I have to say that yesterday was probably the most hungry I felt the whole time.

The total weight loss was 6 lbs as of the morning of Day 4. Today (which would be day 5) I was up about a pound, but I somewhat expected that since I added solid foods back to the diet. Overall, I am very happy with how this went. I would consider doing it again, but would probably only do one to two days at a time. Now the goal is to keep the weight moving downward!

Juicing: Day 3 Update

I made it to 3 days! Yay! I have considered ending the fast today. I posted about those decisions last night.

Here’s a look at what I “ate” yesterday. I’m sorry, but I didn’t write down what I juiced so I don’t really remember which things were in which drink. Here’s breakfast:







I also drank a cup of decaf hot tea last night.

When I weighed in on Day 3 (first thing in the morning), I was down another 2 lbs. For a total loss of 4.6 lbs. Yahoo!

I’m now into Day 4. For breakfast I am drinking more juice because I already had one made. We’ll see what happens at lunchtime. And, for those who haven’t figured this out…I’m very indecisive.

Decisions, decisions…

Well, here it is…the end of Day 3 of my juice fast. I started out with intentions to fast for 7-10 days. Now I’m not sure what to do. Here’s what I’m thinking:

1. As of this morning (2 days of fasting) I was already down almost 5 lbs. This is fantastic! I am now in the 180s. I’m guessing I will be down some more when I weigh in tomorrow morning. I was hoping to use this time to jump-start some losing…and that’s obviously happening.

2. I have not had a lot of the “side-effects” that many seem to have such as headache, feeling sick, body aches, fatigue, etc. I believe much of the reason for this is that I have already cleaned up my eating habits quite a bit in the last 6 months. I’m thinking that I didn’t have as much detoxing since I’ve not been eating much processed food, dairy, eggs, meat, etc.

3. I do feel much better. I feel a lot less bloated.

4. I’m ready to eat…and what do I want to eat? I want a big plate of veggies and maybe some quinoa or beans or something. So, at least I’m not craving junk!

5. A small factor: I’ve juiced a majority of the produce I bought earlier this week. And that gets EXPENSIVE!

Okay, so I don’t want to be a quitter. I really went into this not knowing what to expect. I’ve read about the experiences of others, but each person is different. Right? Well, I really feel like I’ve done a good job at sticking with this. It has made me realize how hung up on eating I have become. Some days I get tired of thinking about food, but also eat more than my fair share. I realize that I do a lot more grazing than I think I do.

I am proud of the ways that I have changed what I’ve been eating over the past 6 months. Again, this is something I never, EVER thought I could (or would) do! I am proud that I have done 3 days of a juice fast! I don’t really feel like a quitter, I guess. Just changing the plan…which was not something that was set in stone anyway.

I can honestly say that I don’t want to quit because I’m hungry. Yes, I’ve been hungry more often than usual, but that is actually a good feeling once in a while. I don’t mind the juice. It’s not extremely tasty, but it’s not horrible either. I suppose I just feel like this has done my body good and that I’m ready to go back to eating healthy. I’ve realized some areas where I need to be careful, so I will continue to work on that.

I will probably do a juice fast every so often…maybe just for a day or two. I may even replace a meal here and there with juice. I am ready to go back to eating right and I think I will enjoy that food now even more than I did before.

Can you tell I’m sort of trying to convince myself here? I need to just make up my mind and get on with it. I do have juice made for breakfast…or maybe I will drink that now (I’m rather hungry). And then I will just ease back into eating. Smaller meals, that are mostly veggies for now.

Juicing: Day 2 Update

1 small grapefruit
handful of kale
1 orange

Here it is before I stirred it. I thought it looked very pretty!




This was good, but a little too tart for me (I’m guessing from the grapefruit). I actually don’t like grapefruit, but I had some that needed to be used. I think my 4-year old (he’s the one in the picture)  liked it better than I did.

1 1/2 cucumber
lots of spinach
couple handfuls of grapes
1 lemon
2 apples
2 carrots

This was pretty good too and it made enough for 2 servings. So I will have one later for a snack or for supper.

The hardest part is fixing meals for the family. This morning my boys wanted toast. I have homemade bread here and I LOVE toasted homemade bread. For lunch they had some popcorn and apples. Popcorn smells pretty good too.

I’m starting t realize how many times throughout the day I just “pop” things in my mouth without really thinking about it. Couple kernels of popcorn here, some nuts there, a taste of this while cooking, a taste of that while making food for someone else.  All these little bites add up over time.

Supper: I had the 2nd serving of the one I made for lunch.

I’ve basically used this post as a journal throughout the day.

Tonight I had chorale rehearsal and afterwards there is a group of us who always go out to eat Mexican. I enjoyed a nice, tasty glass of water. Ha! Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It’s another reminder that so often we make things about the food, when in reality it is about those with whom we share the meal! I still had a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed just spending time with everyone.

So…Day two is done. I’m off to bed, and will tackled another day tomorrow.