Juicing: Day 1 Update

Yay! I made it through one whole day of juicing. Oh, and I also had a cup of orange spice hot tea. It’s an herbal tea, so hopefully it’s “allowed”. Actually, I’m not really following any particular diet, so I guess I can just make up my own rules.

I started the day with a fruit-based juice with a bit of spinach thrown in. It tasted pretty good and was a good way to get started. For lunch  I had a veggie-based juice which included spinach, cucumber, celery and some other veggies that I have already forgotten. I think I will have to go easy on the celery. It adds a rather strong flavor that is too much for me. I also added an apple for a touch of sweetness. For supper I had another veggie one with a red beet, some carrots, cucumber and some other goodies. I guess I should be writing this down, huh?

I was not overly hungry anytime throughout the day. Yes, I did have some hunger pangs, but that’s not always a bad feeling. I was pretty satisfied after drinking each “meal”. My husband looked at me during supper and asked if the juice tasted good or if I was just drinking it. LOL! I told him it wasn’t horrible. Actually, the supper one was pretty earthy tasting, which I’m assuming is from the beets.

I’m sorry, but there are no pictures from day 1. I will try to do better.

Oh…I am down 2.6lbs (as of this morning). That’s in about 12 hours. Only 2 more pounds and I’ll be back in the 180s!!!

And now, on to Day 2!


2 thoughts on “Juicing: Day 1 Update

    • I am planning to go 7 days…MAYBE 10. I mostly want this to kickstart some weight loss. I have been cleaning up what I eat a lot in the last few months, so I don’t feel like I have tons of bad habits to break. We’ll see what’s happening. Kind of playing it by ear.

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