Juicing: Day 1 Update

Yay! I made it through one whole day of juicing. Oh, and I also had a cup of orange spice hot tea. It’s an herbal tea, so hopefully it’s “allowed”. Actually, I’m not really following any particular diet, so I guess I can just make up my own rules.

I started the day with a fruit-based juice with a bit of spinach thrown in. It tasted pretty good and was a good way to get started. For lunch  I had a veggie-based juice which included spinach, cucumber, celery and some other veggies that I have already forgotten. I think I will have to go easy on the celery. It adds a rather strong flavor that is too much for me. I also added an apple for a touch of sweetness. For supper I had another veggie one with a red beet, some carrots, cucumber and some other goodies. I guess I should be writing this down, huh?

I was not overly hungry anytime throughout the day. Yes, I did have some hunger pangs, but that’s not always a bad feeling. I was pretty satisfied after drinking each “meal”. My husband looked at me during supper and asked if the juice tasted good or if I was just drinking it. LOL! I told him it wasn’t horrible. Actually, the supper one was pretty earthy tasting, which I’m assuming is from the beets.

I’m sorry, but there are no pictures from day 1. I will try to do better.

Oh…I am down 2.6lbs (as of this morning). That’s in about 12 hours. Only 2 more pounds and I’ll be back in the 180s!!!

And now, on to Day 2!


Weigh-in Wednesday and Juicing!


As you know from previous weigh-in posts…I’m getting a bit frustrated! I’m ready to see the scales go down!!! I weighed in this morning at 193.6. That is down 1.4 lbs. Yay!

I have a new goal for the next 7-10 days. Juicing! I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. The man in the documentary did a 60 day juice fast. I do not plan on going to that extreme, but I figure 7-10 would be beneficial. I’m hoping this will jump-start things a bit. A cleanse with some weight loss (hopefully) and then I plan to go back eating plant-based.

I went to the grocery yesterday to stock up on some fruits and vegetables. Here is what I got:



I already had some other things that can be used too. I’m not sure how long all of this will last. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but I guess it’s not really that much more than buying food for the way I eat normally.

I had a fruit-based juice for breakfast. It included spinach, oranges, lime, grapes, cucumber and pear. I think that was it…forgot already. I just kind of threw some things in and hoped it worked out.  It was actually very tasty!

For lunch I’m having veggies: spinach, apple, carrot, celery, cucumber, and a tiny bit of ginger. Again, we were just adding things to it. It doesn’t taste too bad, I wouldn’t say delicious, but it’s something I can drink.

So far, so good…we’ll see what I’m saying after another day or two of just juice!

If you’ve juiced and have a favorite combination I would LOVE to hear it!

Quinoa Patties

Well, tonight was pizza night. And if you remember my previous post about pizza, you might guess I needed a different choice for supper tonight.

I’ve seen some recipes around Pinterest for quinoa patties. Many times these include eggs (as a binder). I saw one that was a vegan recipe and it used quinoa and mashed potato.

This led to some playing around. Instead of mashed white potato I used a sweet potato. I cut this into small chunks and cooked it in the microwave until it was soft. Then, I mashed it with a fork.


I chopped up some mushrooms pretty small and cooked those a bit. I also chopped up some kale and cooked that down. I could have saved some dishes by doing this in the same pan, but I wasn’t sure I would use all the kale (and I didn’t).


Meanwhile, there was a pot of quinoa cooking on the stove.


I stirred the sweet potatoes, mushrooms,some quinoa and some kale together. Sprinkled in some salt, a little parsley and a bit of rosemary seasoning. And stirred it all together.


Then I grabbed a handful and pressed it into a ball and then flattened into a patty. Obviously there are no pictures of this messy step…hehe! Then I dropped them into a hot skillet coated in a bit of olive oil.


I fried for a bit on each side and then carefully flipped them over. Most of my ingredients were already hot, so this was mostly to brown up the outside. I was pleasantly surprised that they held together quite well when I flipped them. Especially considering there isn’t much of a binder in them. Well, I guess the sweet potatoes did a good job there.


I made myself a little sandwich. I used a sandwich thin, a few slices of avocado and some brown mustard. A nice crunchy piece of lettuce or even some cucumber slices would have been good too, but I didn’t have all that tonight.


It was pretty tasty. These were just a tad on the “smooshy” side. I’m trying to decide what I could add to firm them up a bit. Maybe some oatmeal or breadcrumbs? Or maybe I should have put a bit more quinoa?

I’d be willing to try these again…and of course they will probably turn out completely different. My problem is that I don’t tend to use a recipe and I didn’t measure anything, just eye-balled it.

Weigh-in Wednesday Jan. 23


Oops…almost forgot what day it is. Drum roll please……and the number is….195.0. Oy! At this rate I could lose 10 lbs by, oh, NEXT YEAR! I know I’m not eating perfectly, but I thought I was doing pretty well. Oh well, at least it’s going down (oh. so. slooooowly.) and not up!

I know, I know. I have to exercise. Argh!

Alright, enough whining from me. Tomorrow is a new day. I’ll keep at it.


Rice Mix Copycat

You know the ones…they come in a box. Chicken flavored or whatever. My family loooooves them. I’ve never been a huge fan, but now that I’m starting to eat better, I can hardly stand them because they are sooooooo salty. Well, besides the fact that they contain animal products.

Every time I open one of those boxes I comment about how they can’t be that hard to make at home. It’s just rice and tiny pieces of pasta with some seasonings. Soooo, today, I made my own.


Still looks pretty bland, but that’s about normal. I had all 3 of my boys try it and they all liked it! Yay! I’m interested to see what my husband thinks of it.

Here’s the “recipe”. Sorry, I’m not one to use recipes very much.

No Box Rice Mix

1/2 cup white rice
approx. 1/4 cup broken vermicelli pieces
1 1/2 cups water
1 Tbsp. veggie bouillon
sprinkle of garlic powder, onion powder and parsley

Lightly spray pan with cooking oil (or use a bit of oil or butter). Saute rice and noodles until noodles are browned. Add remaining ingredients, cover and reduce heat til all liquid is absorbed and rice is tender. Enjoy!


I have noticed that quinoa (pronounced: KEEN-wah) seems to be more recognized lately. I had never heard of it until a couple years ago.


What is it?
Many refer to it as a whole grain, but it is actually a seed.

 Why use it?
Quinoa has a very high protein content (see, I’m getting good protein!). Not only is it a protein, but it contains all 9 essential amino acids. That means it is a COMPLETE protein.

Are there any other benefits?
Yep! It is also gluten-free and cholesterol-free (plant foods don’t have cholesterol).

Nutrition Facts:
Nutrition Data for 1 cup: 222 calories, 4g fat, 5g fiber, 8g protein

How do I use/cook it?
Cook it as you would rice. 1 part quinoa to 2 parts water. Or you can use broth in place of the water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover. Let cook 15-20 minutes untill all the water is absorbed.

Quinoa can be used in place of most grains. I like to mix veggies in mine.  Today I had quinoa, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and edamame with a bit of rosemary and salt and pepper.


Yesterday I had quinoa, black beans, avocado with cilantro, chili powder and taco sauce.


I have also seen breakfast recipes using quinoa and fruit, but I have not tried that yet.

Have you tried quinoa? If so, what is your favorite way to eat it??

Weigh-in Wednesday


Yeah…it’s that day again. Ugh! Guess I’m not doing as well as I thought. I didn’t like what the scale said this morning. I was up about 0.4lb. It’s not much, but it’s moving in the wrong direction.

I have been exercising a bit this week. Not nearly as much as I should, but I guess something is better than nothing, right? I’m going to have to get serious about the exercise. I know that will really make a big difference.


First, my apologies. I haven’t gotten used to taking pictures of my food or other things I want to blog about. I will try to do better…

Ok, now, on to the PIZZA!!! I LOVE pizza! I don’t know too many people who don’t like pizza. I was excited to eat some pizza tonight. I make homemade pizza. The dough is from scratch and everything. Well, I do use canned sauce. I was even willing to eat a little bit of cheese. Not much, but every now I then I figured I can eat some cheese (maybe I should re-read that post about my cholesterol).

I made a small pizza for my mother-in-law and I to share. She is also eating plant-based and is the one that introduced me to it. Our pizza had sauce, lots of mushrooms, black olives, a few yellow peppers and that tiny bit of cheese. Mmmmm!

And, are you ready for this? It really didn’t hit the spot like it used to! It was fine, I ate it, but EH! I guess it’s another good reminder that my tastes are really changing. I think it was good to eat it. Why? Well, in my mind I think I really miss eating pizza. Now my brain knows that it really doesn’t taste that great anymore. I think I would have enjoyed just eating all those veggies more than eating the pizza. I know, I know, I’m crazy. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to be crazy.

I suppose I will have to find something else to make when we have pizza night….


OH….that dreaded word. Why is it so hard to exercise? I know I will feel better, look better, and be stronger. It has so many health benefits…besides just losing weight.

The last few nights I have done a little exercising. A little is better than none at all, right?

I had a bit of motivation as well…a few days ago I got my lab results. I was very frustrated to learn that my cholesterol is 22 points higher than right after I started eating plant-based. I know I haven’t been doing it 100%, but I was hoping it had gone down instead of up!!! My HDL (good) was great, but LDL (bad) was a bit high. My coronary risk was low, so that was good! I was told that the only way to improve my HDL any more than it already is…exercise! So, she said I am kind of in the middle…I can start meds or keep working on diet and exercise to try to improve things. NO THANK YOU to those meds. I’ve heard some not-so-good things about them and I do not want to do that if it’s not completely necessary.

The other good news? My thyroid was back in the normal range. I have not been taking the prescription meds since the beginning of Nov. I know they help, but I’ve also read that your body becomes increasingly dependent on them. She told me I could go back on the meds if I think it will help symptoms (don’t really have many), or continue as I am and check again in 3 months. Let me think, NO thank you to meds if I can avoid that.

So…I guess it’s time to get busy and get rid of this extra weight! Time to really be aware of what–and how much–I’m eating.

What kind of exercise do you like to do?

Colorful Food

I know in my head that plant-based meals are usually much more colorful than the Standard American Diet (SAD).  This became more obvious while looking at my boards on Pinterest the other night. I started a new board for plant-based recipe ideas and was moving things from one board to another. It was easy to find the plant-based recipes because they were so colorful.

I mean, really, look at that beautiful bunch of veggies. I ate these with a little bit of spaghetti and marinara sauce. They were DELICIOUS!!!!


I also made some bread from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking I love this cookbook. Just mix it up and when you’re ready to bake it you only have to spend a few minutes prepping it! Also…no kneading. They also have a healthier cookbook. Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day: 100 New Recipes Featuring Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Gluten-Free Ingredients. I made the dough into more of a focaccia-type bread. I figured it wouldn’t take as long to bake that way.


Several of those pictures (plant-based) on Pinterest would have looked completely unappetizing several years ago. Now, however, they look so delicious. Much more so than the boring, bland looking pictures of the other board. Why would we not want to eat all these beautifully colored fruits and vegetables? I am so glad that I have learned to like a wide variety of new foods the last couple of years.