Weigh-in Wednesday and more

Yes, I know, it’s not Wednesday, but I have been really bad about getting my weigh-ins updated in the last month or two. So thought I would update it a bit today.

I am currently down to 171 (home scale). My last weigh-in at WW was last Wed. and I weighed in at 173.4. I missed several weeks of WW in June and July due to being out of town or just not being able to make it to the meeting. The weight is slow coming off in the last few months, but my eating habits haven’t been very good either (and of course lacking in the exercise dept.). I thik some of it is also that I have become a bit content in where I’m at right now. It’s not where I want to be long term, but I have lost enough weight to wear smaller clothes and I’ve bought some new things to wear. I’ve lost enough that I have gained a lot more self confidence again. It feels wonderful to finally not be so concerned with how I look. Again, I’m not skinny, but much improved over where I was.

I could stand to lose another 20-30 pounds and still be within my healthy weight range for my height. I’ve said throughout this weight loss that I would like to be down to 145-150 pounds, but I’m not set on just the numbers. If I get to 160 or whatever and find that I am happy with that, then that is fine with me.

I still love the idea of Clean Eating, but have not been doing very well at it. Still improved over how I used to eat, but also have quite a ways to go.


Jillian is back

I managed to add exercise 2 days this week. Still needs improvement, but it’s better than I was doing. I went for a 40 minute/6 mile bike ride on Monday and hung out with Jillian today. Still kicks my butt, but it feels good too. Gets me moving and helps me to get busy and get some things done in the morning. I need to continue to work on the exercise thing. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me. I know that I will feel better, get stronger, have more energy, but when it is time to do it I never feel like it. Guess I need to just get over that, huh? Just get it done! I’m hoping to be able to ride bike more often since it hasn’t been so stinkin’ hot the last few days.

Okay, well, I’m off to my Weight Watchers meeting. Maybe I can actually get my weigh ins updated later today. I’m sure not very consistent in this blogging thing.


Friends and family probalby know that I get migraines. I get whiny when I get them, I try not to but HOLY COW they HURT!!! And I’ve been told (3 times) by my OB that I have a high pain tolerance. Anyway, these boogers usually show up about once a month, if not twice! However, it has been just over a month since I last had a migraine. Probably more. I have taken my meds 2 times in that time, thinking that I was getting one, but each of those times only one pill was required and that was the end of it. Normally, the migraine lasts 2-3 days and I take 2-3 pills in that time. Along with ice packs and whining and lying in bed.

So…what’s different. Well, the main thing I think of is that I have had no pop (maybe a sip here or there, but not a whole glass) since July 8 and no coffee (caffeine) since July 11. I have been drinking just water…oops…I did have a glass of sassafrass tea while at a local festival. I have also been trying to Eat Clean. I am not ovelry successful in that, but have improved quite a bit.

I’m so excited to have gone this long without them. I would love for it to continue….FOREVER…but I┬ádon’t really expect that to be the case. We’ll see.

Not so clean

Well, this was a not very clean day of eating…and not a good WW day either (although I wasn’t tracking my points). And do you know what? I can feel it. I’m sleepier, I have the munchies and just don’t feel as good as I have on the days when I stick closer to the plan. I forgot how much eating clean keeps the munchies at bay. Yet another reason to do my best to stick to the plan.

I’m hoping to make it to my WW weigh in this week. Seems like forever since I’ve been there. I suppose that is because I only made it to one meeting in July.

BTW…this is my 100th post on the blog. Hehe!