Eating clean(ish)

I mentioned in my last post that I was trying to implement the Eat Clean plan. I am still not hardcore, but I’ve been trying to do it as much as possible. I really can tell a difference when I eat like I should. I feel better overall.

I also have one of the Eat Clean cookbooks and have tried a few recipes from that. They are pretty tasty. I have more that I plan to try when I have the ingredients and time. I should also be receiving the Eat Clean for Family and Kids book soon.

July ended up being a crazy month and my weight is still hanging around in the same vicinity it has been for quite some time. I spent 12 days or so (June 28-July 8) in KY, came home for just over a week and then headed back to KY for a week (Dave’s grandma passed away).  So, all in all, I am pleased that I did not end up with a big gain. However, I am more than ready to hop into the 160s. I have been so close a  few times and then go back up a bit.

I reallly need to get back to exercising…I know that would make a HUGE difference!

I’m hoping to have more time and brainpower to post some more info on eating clean. If someone had told me a year or so ago that I would even be considering, let alone, doing this I would have laughed at them. It just proves how far you can come in a short amount of time.


Vacation is over

Our 3 boys and I spent about 12 days in Western KY at my in-laws’ house. We had a great week! My MIL eats pretty healthy food and it was great to have meals I could eat without worrying too much about too many points. I started out well with my tracking and then slacked off. Overall, I did pretty well at not eating too much. It helped that she doesn’t have much snacky and/or sweet stuff…so no temptations there.

Someone told her about the Eat Clean Diet while I was there and she purchased the book. I began reading it while there and just finished it (bought my own copy when I got home) tonight. It sounds like a great way of eating. I’m trying to implement it a bit already. Not hardcore at this point but trying to slowly make those changes.

Well, just thought I should check in a bit and I will try to get my weigh in posted this week. (Didn’t weigh in the last 2 weeks because of being gone).