Weigh-in Wednesday (yes, I know it’s Thurs.)

I forgot to do this last night. The fact that a good ole’ migraine decided to show up didn’t help my day.

On a brighter note…I was down 1.4 lbs. Yay. I made up for last week’s gain and lost a bit more as well. Now, I just need to keep that up. I’m ready to start losing again.

I did better on exercise last week. I worked in the flower bed over the weekend and then planted our little spot in my grandparents’ garden a few days later. I have strawberries, melon and pumpkin to plant here, which will require clearing an area for each. We also have plants to get into the ground in the new flower bed and those big rocks to put back in their places too. I’m hoping that this migraine will be gone tomorrow so that I can be productive. Argh. Just looked at the weather and it looks like it could be rainy tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.


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