Weigh-in Wednesday

What to expect today? I worked like crazy in the flowerbeds. Digging and moving big old rocks and old water tanks and working up ground and pulling grass that is up to my thigh and sweating. Yes. Sweating. Not the “glistening” that most women claim to do….nope…S.W.E.A.T. I am convinced that I have the sweat glands like a man. LOL! Anyway…back to the weigh in. So, I did all this hard work, but then I let myself eat more than I should have because I “worked so hard”. And, by now you’ve guessed, that I had a small gain this week. It was only 0.4 lbs, but a gain it is. Why is it that I always have to learn the hard way? Why do I think I DESERVE to overeat or go back to making poor choices? Geez, Jess, use your brain! It’s good to be doing all that activity, but then eating too much and eating junk just negates all that hard work!

I swear the people who plan the topics for Weight Watchers meetings must spy on me each week. It seems like the topic we discuss is always what I’m struggling with at the moment. We discussed how much exercise it takes to enhance weight loss, improve health, maintain weight loss, firm and tone and one other (of course it left my brain at the moment). At MINIMUM I should be doing at least 30-40 minutes at least 5 days per week. Okay, okay. I need to exercise! I know…well, my brain knows. Now it just needs to notify the rest of me to GET MOVING. Even when I don’t feel like it. It will make me feel better, help me have more energy and on and on. AND, not just exercise, but combine that with better eating choices! Some day I will get this all to fall in place and be a habit.


Weigh-in Wednesday (yes, I know it’s Thurs.)

I forgot to do this last night. The fact that a good ole’ migraine decided to show up didn’t help my day.

On a brighter note…I was down 1.4 lbs. Yay. I made up for last week’s gain and lost a bit more as well. Now, I just need to keep that up. I’m ready to start losing again.

I did better on exercise last week. I worked in the flower bed over the weekend and then planted our little spot in my grandparents’ garden a few days later. I have strawberries, melon and pumpkin to plant here, which will require clearing an area for each. We also have plants to get into the ground in the new flower bed and those big rocks to put back in their places too. I’m hoping that this migraine will be gone tomorrow so that I can be productive. Argh. Just looked at the weather and it looks like it could be rainy tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

Yard work=EXERCISE!

I spent about 3 hours working in the yard yesterday. (I kept thinking I would take pics of the progress, but I didn’t go get the camera). Mom started the work while I was gone and I finished it while she was gone. There is a large flower bed alongside the garage. However, it is one that never really got finished. So there was a good deal of work to get it cleaned up. This included diggin up the grass that was slowly creeping in, pulling up the plastic that was under a layer of dirt, and moving some BIG rocks. Needless to say, I got a great workout. I also drug a bunch of branches out to the burn pile. Next will be getting the bed planted.

I have to say, that is the kind of workout I enjoy. I can see results from what I did. And I enjoy doing that kind of work. It was also great to get out and enjoy the fresh air and get some sun. I slept so well last night and fell asleep quite quickly after laying down. Next week I need to get strawberries planted, that flower bed planted and also help out in my grandparents’ garden.  So even if I don’t get any DVDs done or anything else, I should still get in some good activity. Now, if the weather will just cooperate so that we can do all that work.


 I’ve decided that my scales don’t go under 175. LOL! Well, okay, I guess they do, but they just haven’t for me yet! I’ve been going back and forth between 175 and 177 (on my home scales) for weeks! I guess it really is time to get this kickstarted once again.

Sometimes I think my brain is stuck more than my body. I’m reminding myself that I am becoming a new person, and that changes are taking place inside and out. Maybe this is my body’s way of letting my mind have a bit of time to catch up. How is that for an excuse?

So…off to hang out with Jillian or Bob in a few minutes.

Weigh-in Wednesday

After spending most of my week NOT tracking, of NOT eating very well at all. I wouldn’t have been surprised to gain 1 pound or more! But, I gained 0.4. Yes, it’s a gain, but I was expecting it. So now, time to get busy and get back to tracking and EXERCISE!!!

I have been reading Jessica’s blog and I think she is reading my mind. Her post today was about hating exercise. I don’t know that I would say I hate it, but just don’t feel like doing it. One of her readers commented about a challenge she in which she participated. The challenge was to exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Anything…walking, running, working out or just playing with your children. Any activity is better than none. It’s not always about burning TONS of calories each time (although that is great), but about moving more! What a great reminder! I think this might be the approach that I need to take.

Hi Bob!

Dusted off my sad DVDs that have been wondering what happened to their owner. My four year old wanted me to break out Jillian and do level 3. Is he craaaazy?? Or maybe he will grow up to be a personal trainer. Ha! He thinks that Jillian’s workout is shorter (I interrupted his movie to exercise). However, Bob’s workout may be a few minutes longer, but it seems to go much faster. So, I outvoted my little trainer and hung out with Bob. Ah yes, I do kinda miss that workout. If I miss it and they way I feel after doing it, then why not just keep doing it? Once again…it’s all about changing habits.

(I think he is getting ready to kick my butt!)

OLD HABIT: being lazy, making excuses for not working out.

NEW HABIT: make it part of my daily routine

I can’t just add the new habit, I also have to break the old. I guess this is becoming my new approach right now. It seems simple enough, but I guess we often tend to make things harder than the need to be. We become so focused on new habits that we forgot how important it is to break the old ones too. Yes, I know, I keep repeating this. I’m sure it won’t be the last time I say it.

Off to face tomorrow and work on my new habit and chuck the old!  What are some habits you are working on?

Food tracking

There are so many benefits to tracking food eaten. It can be a pain to do it sometimes, but it really does help. You are able to see what you have eaten and can offer insight to weight loss/gain. I’ve found that it can even help you to refrain from eating something because you don’t want to track it. Tracking allows me to really see when I’ve done better and the difference that can make in weight loss.

All that said, I have not tracked at all since Tues. I think I’m pouting…lol! I’m in this mindset that I’m tired of having to work so hard and spend so much time thinking about this weight loss. I just want it to be, to happen. Obviously, this is not going to just happen. It requires work and dedication and thought. So, if I hop on those scales on Wed. and see I gain I should not be at all surprised.

Here’s the brief rundown since Wednesday’s weigh in. I was STARVING after my meeting (which starts at noon). I normally don’t eat a whole lot before the meeting, but at least something in the morning. I’m not sure why, but I was even more hungry than usual. I went to lunch at Hacienda afterwards. I SCARFED down so many chips and my food. It seemed like all afternoon I just wanted to eat. I got an alfredo meal at Sam’s for supper and garlic bread. I did eat a salad, but a bit more alfredo than I should have. Plus, the other snacks and such throughout the afternoon and evening. Just had the munchies.

Thursday morning is Bible study and there is always goodies there. We did McD’s for lunch for my niece’s birthday and I ate a McDouble and a yogurt parfait and a few of the boys’ fries. Then pizza for supper. And more misc. snacking.

Friday I took a snooze once my oldest got on the bus, so I didn’t eat much til late morning. I did ok, but did go a bit overboard eating Reese’s pieces. Then we had family night at my aunt and uncles. There were sloppy joes and chips and YUMMMMMMYY dip. Again, just mindless eating.

So, back to tracking? Um, yes! Notice what I just said? MINDLESS eating. That’s when I get in trouble. I get tired of thinking about it, but I need to get over it and get used to thinking. I think I DESERVE to eat stuff I shouldn’t. Like I mentioned the other day…I feel like right now it’s almost more of a mental struggle than a physical one. I’m really working on changing how I think about food and feel about it and such.

One last note…all that snacking and “junky” food. I  definitely notice a difference in the way I feel. Time to dig into those fruits and veggies I bought this week and be done with junk.

Not just physical, but mental too

This has been quite a journey already. I am “this” close to hitting 30 lbs lost. I am wearing smaller sizes. I am feeling better. I’m working on better habits.

Those things are mostly physical, but the mental part is often more difficult than the physical. It’s hard to keep exercising (this is a very new habit for me). It is hard to make healthy food choices. Sometimes I wonder how I can continue to do this. It seems like so much time and energy is put into thinking about what I eat. So…this brings me back to the habits.

I’ve got to exchange the bad habits for good. Exchange! I can’t just try to add in good habits, the bad habits have to go too! I still have weight to lose, but I’m beginning to wonder if it is time to stop being so caught up with that and to focus on habits. I need to continue to lose, but there are other things that have to change as well. I can lose all the weight in the world, but if I don’t change those habits, then all that weight will find me again.

This has to be a new lifestyle–a new habit! It HAS to be. I don’t want the health risks that come with being overweight. I don’t want to feel miserable. I don’t want to look that way ever again. I don’t expect to be super thin. I want to be healthy, feel better and have more energy. I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a plateau (weight-wise), but I know that things are still changing. I have to continue working on who I am on the inside. Maybe it sounds silly, but I don’t want to be the same person anymore. One thing my WW leader talked about at our last meeting is that people see her before picture and say she looks like a different person. She tells them “That’s because I am”. It’s about so much more than weight loss. I need to keep that in mind and be ready to work on the whole picture…physical and mental.