Yeah…good plan

So, the runing you ask? I think I’ve done that two days. It’s just difficult to find time to do it. Especially since there are little people involved, who of course, cannot be left unsupervised. I guess one thing that has made it more difficult is that mom is out of town this week. Normally, she would be here and I could sneak out for a while during naps or whenever. How’s that for an excuse. And even with no running…no other exercise happened either. I should have cracked open the DVD case and popped one in. Again, not using time wisely. This exercise business is going to be a difficult habit for me to form it seems. I really want to do it. I feel better when I do it. The things I’ve been doing (DVD, walk/run) don’t take much time.

I should search the Weight Watchers site to see if I can find a challenge to join. I seemed to do well while participating in the 30 Day Shred challenge a couple months ago. I know that the exercise really helps to accelerate my weight loss as well. There’s the problem, I know all these things in my brain, I intend to do them, but that just doesn’t seem to happen most days. I doubt this weekend will be any better.

We are heading to Indy Friday night and Saturday. While there I will attend our former church’s Mother’s and Other’s Brunch (LOADS of points there I’m sure). I’m guessing we will also have several other meals out. We will be trying to see friends while there on a short visit as well. So, I better be careful what I eat and try not to sit around more than is necessary. I know the food will be delicious at the brunch, but I need to really be careful. I’m excited to say that some things that I think are a temptation are becoming less and less of a temptation lately. So, I’ll keep in mind that I feel much better when I try to choose some healthier options and not overdue “junk”. I’m also excited because I haven’t seen many who are attending since we moved almost 1 year ago….and almost 30 lbs ago!

Maybe no official exercise routine will happen again tomorrow, but I have plenty of housework–including SCRUBBING and hard water-stained tub–that should keep me on the move for most of the day.


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