Well, more walking than running, but there was running. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but…I think I could learn to enjoy it. There…I said it. Now I can go back and eat all my words about HATING to run. I have a LOOOOOOONG way to go before I would consider myself a runner, but it’s a start. And that’s what’s important right now.

I took my 6-year-old along with me tonight so that he could get rid of some excess energy as well. He rode his bike, which he thought was so cool. That is the first time he’s ridden on the road. (No grown-up bikes and not really very good places to ride). I think I went about 1 1/2 miles tonight. I still cannot even imagine running/walking a marathon or even a half-marathon. But I’m not worried about that right now. Right now the focus is to work up to running longer distances at a stretch and getting my body used to doing it.

It was a little rainy for part of the time, but nothing major. Probably would have gone a bit farther, but it was chilly too, so didn’t want my little man getting too cold. He was pretty chilly by the time we were done, but he had a good time. He especially loved that we stopped at the neighbor’s house. We stopped to sell fish fry tickets, but he asked if he could go see her horses. Of course, she loves doing that, so out to the barn we went. He got to feed them and he climbed up to the hay mow and pushed down a bale of hay as well. One of the horses does some tricks and he thought that was very neat. Shakes head yes and no, bows, shakes your hand.

Not only was the running good, but the time spent with my little buddy was great too. And seeing him excited about me running towards him. Even the time spent at the neighbor’s. I need to make sure I find that one-on-one time with him more often. He misses out a bit more now that he is in school all day.


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