We shall see

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. If a gain doesn’t show up on the scales I am going to be SCHOCKED!!! All the stuff from last week–Easter, vacation, wedding and rehearsal–was bad enough. I planned to work really hard to stay within my points starting on Sunday and to workout each day. I did workout yesterday and today (and plan to in the morning). HOWEVER, staying within my points? Didn’t happen. I was a few points over each day, which normally isn’t a big deal since I use my weekly points to cover that. But with all the other stuff that went on, those were more than used up! So…I’m going in expecting a gain. Not gonna beat myself up over it either.

I have to buckle down and get back to work! I’ve had a recurring thought, especially in the last few weeks. WW is really helping, but the most important thing to remember is that this is NOT a diet! It has to become my new way of life, a habit that I maintain. I need to teach myself to choose healthy snacks, not because I have to, but  because I want to. I’ve made it this far (about halfway), I’m not going back! I don’t want to give up my WW meetings. They have been a great motivation to keep me going, but they are costing me money. Once I get to goal and maintain I can start attending for free. I know it won’t happen overnight, but I need to get to it and stay with it.

What a thought…to weigh around 145 or so again! Wow! It was soooooooo far away, and now I am almost halfway there!

Well, I’m off to bed before I decide to put anymore food into my body……


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