Back to it

I seem to recall posting (yes, I think it was my last post) recently that I needed to get back to it and get losing. Well, then I happened to go on vacation…which included traveling (fast food), Easter (MIL’s good cooking), and then to end it all? A wedding (which included the rehearsal dinner). OY! Not looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow. I didn’t weigh in last week since we were on vacation, so we will see.

I was doing well at staying within my points today, but then I decided to make focaccia bread to go along with our spaghetti. NOT a good idea! I should have just skipped the spaghetti. Ha! Oh…and I made chocolate chip cookies. GEEZ JESS!

On a positive note: I did the Shred today. I haven’t hung out with Jillian for quite some time. I’ve enjoyed hanging out with Bob much more. His workout seems to go faster even though it is a few minutes longer than her’s. But Isaiah said Jillian, and he said level 2. What a slave driver he is! I haven’t worked out in probably close to 2 weeks! Well, I did go on a couple walks in KY, but not anything very substantial.

So…the plan for the week?
1.  Workout every morning after Daniel gets on the bus. Thursday morning is Bible study so it may not happen that morning.
2.  Try to stay within my daily points and not use too many of my weekly points.
3. While staying within those points I need to make better choices. More fruits and veggies.
4. Keep drinking lots of water.


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