Time to refocus

I’m right around the 25lb lost mark. How exciting! I am so proud of myself for doing this. It’s not happening fast, but it’s happening. The last few weeks have been a bit wimpy in many ways. The challenge is long over, and the new (personal) challenge is to stick with the exercise. This is something that has never been a habit…so I’m still working to stick to it. I feel better when I exercise and I know I’m stronger and improving health, but some days it’s tough to get to it. I did better this week, except for the last two days. Tuesday I was to help in the Kdg. class, but his teacher had to go home with her son…so I had an hour until time to work in the library. It was a beautiful day so I decided to go for a walk. I walked about 2 miles (plus the bootcamp DVD I did that morning). However, after that walk I had a very sore spot in my foot. I decided yesterday I would rest it so that it wouldn’t be worse. It didn’t feel too bad this morning, but I had Bible study in the morning so no time to do the DVD. We shopped at the mall a bit and by the time we were done my foot was SCREAMING at me. I’m planning to exercise in the morning either way.

Eating…hmm…not great, not terrible either. I’ve really got to work on the fruit and vegetable intake. I had been doing better, but have slipped back to not-so-good options. I feel so much better when I’m getting the fruits and veggies. It’s encouraging that some things that used to be mouth watering are not so anymore. Sweets often taste waaaaay too sweet. Don’t get me wrong, still eating some, but just notice that sugary taste more. Pop doesn’t taste as good. It’s not gone completely, but there are often several days in a row where I have none!

The goal for the next week or so is to get that exercise in. I want to be doing at least 5 days/week. AND watch my points and WHAT I’m eating as well as HOW MUCH.

I know right now there aren’t many reading this blog, but for any who are…if you have any tips, advice, recipes, snack ideas, etc. PLEASE chime in and let me know! I need a kick in the pants to get back to this. To refocus and continue forward. I REFUSE to go back to where I was. I have worked hard and am already feeling so much better. I WILL NOT GO BACK! I WILL NOT!!!!!


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