Just barely got the Shred in today! I finally did it at 9:30/10pm. It was a rather amusing attempt since mom was watching Survivor downstairs. I brought the DVD up to our room. Couple of things to keep in mind…NO jumping (so didn’t do much of the cardio they did) or I may have ended up back on the 1st floor. LOL! The ceiling in this room is not even 7 feet and there is a dormer near where I was working out. Oh…and did I mention there is very little floor space in here? Oh well, it made for a different twist for a change. I still did all the other stuff and kept moving as much as possible during the cardio portions. It felt good to do it, and now it is just past 11 pm and I need to go to bed! And then…I’m gonna do this again in the morning.

I have to say that even though I’ve missed several days (this is Day 11 and I’ve missed 4 or so) I am already starting to notice that some of the exercises are getting easier to do. I noticed the push-ups tonight. Ick! I’ve never liked or been able to do those suckers. Of course I am still doing the girlie ones, but hey. I was able to do more tonight than usual.

It feels so good to be doing this! I’ve never been an athletic or very active person, but it feels good to be doing this. I am so thankful that I found this challenge!


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