I haven’t posted here in over a year…and quite a bit has changed since then. We’ve moved to Northern IN (from Indy) and we’re living with my parents while my husband is looking for a permanant job. I worked full time for a few months this summer and my oldest started Kdg. this fall. Okay, so that covers most of the changes…on to progress.

When we moved here in June I weighed the most I ever have. In Nov. I joined Weight Watchers and have been attending meetings ever since. I have lost just about 20lbs!!! I would still like to lose about 30 or so more, but that’s a good start for me.

I am joing a challenge to do Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred for 30 days (imagine that!). It’s gonna be tough that’s for sure. The challenge officially starts next Mon. (Feb. 1), but I tried out the video today. OH MY WORD! Wow! If that doesn’t make improvement after 30 days I don’t know what will.

I will also be working on getting a “before” picture and taking some measurements. I will be brave and post them here. One positive thing is that those measurements have changed already, but will still need lots of work. Especially the blubbery belly area. It is time to get this going. I’ve been doing fairly well at losing…that is slow and steady, but it’s coming off and that is what matters.

More to come…


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