Didn’t make it to the gym today and wasn’t very active either. Interrupted sleep is kicking my butt. I’m planning to go tomorrow. Wish the classes I would like to try were a tad earlier in the morning (this from me, I HATE mornings), but with naptime in the AM still it’s hard. Maybe in a few months when he stops taking a morning nap.

Let’s see…eating. Not too bad I guess. Had yogurt with granola for breakfast, lunch…hmmm…what did I have for lunch…OH…chicken noodle soup w/ Ritz crackers, had dinner at church. I didn’t even clean my plate, which is good for me. I did have dessert though. And had a few sips of pop this evening, but not much.  Oh…had a chex mix bar tonight, and it wasn’t even that good! That’s what I get for eating junk I guess!

Well, I’m off to bed. I keep reading that getting adequate sleep helps in weight loss too. Not sure when I’ll ever get adequate sleep, but need to get to bed a little earlier I guess.