Trying again…

Oy…gonna give this another go. It needs to happen, but I just don’t stay motivated. I have every excuse in the book…need to throw that book out and get it done! Health club dues are paid…why not use it instead of wasting that money? Have a huge parking lot to walk in…why not do it? Duh!

OK, so starting with the short term goal: 2-3 visits to the health club per week for at least the next 3 weeks (going to a wedding)

ETA: Forgot to mention that I did walk for about 20-30 minutes tonight.

Long term: Lose 50 lbs by June 1, 2009. That means about 5 1/2 lbs. per month

Again, portion control, limit snacking and eat healthier. Getting tired of repeating this…when will I really do it??? Laziness and busy-ness get me.


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