Yay. Went to the health club today. Haven’t been there in ages. Which is horrible since I am paying for it every month…and they provide childcare for up to 2 hours! Ha! Was gonna try a class, but nothing at the time I needed it. But I’ll keep checking on those.

As for eating….not real great. Had leftover fried rice and chicken and broccoli (from a chinese place). And for supper I had a 2 egg omelette with mushrooms, onions, ham and a little cheese. Now that I think about it..snacking was better than usual. I had a couple graham crackers in the afternoon and some orange sherbert this evening….just a small bowl.

I found a post at the gym…one of the trainers was doing a 30 day challenge. She decided to eat like “normal” people. Not very healthy, fast food, pop, etc and see what happened. Her activity level would not change (obviously since she teaches classes and all). Well, it made a huge difference in her body. Check it out www.myspace.com/rachelrasin Today was the last day of the challenge and then she is going to return to what is normal for her and hopefully help others along that path as well. All that to say…I’m gonna try to follow her plan for a healthy diet. I already know that I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables and all that. It’s amazing the difference that 30 days made in her…not only did she gain weight, she lost muscle tone, felt miserable, had no energy, joints were sore, etc. I think there are times when I just think some of those things are “normal” I mean after all I am a busy mom to 3 little boys. So…I’ll do my best to follow her example.

Weight: 191


Trying again…

Oy…gonna give this another go. It needs to happen, but I just don’t stay motivated. I have every excuse in the book…need to throw that book out and get it done! Health club dues are paid…why not use it instead of wasting that money? Have a huge parking lot to walk in…why not do it? Duh!

OK, so starting with the short term goal: 2-3 visits to the health club per week for at least the next 3 weeks (going to a wedding)

ETA: Forgot to mention that I did walk for about 20-30 minutes tonight.

Long term: Lose 50 lbs by June 1, 2009. That means about 5 1/2 lbs. per month

Again, portion control, limit snacking and eat healthier. Getting tired of repeating this…when will I really do it??? Laziness and busy-ness get me.