Went on a mission trip to Nashville, KY. Spent 5 days in over 90 degree temps working on a roof. We tore off the old, carried that to the dumpster, replaced a few sheets of deteriorated plywood, tore off the chimney and put on new shingles and all that. So needless to say I got far more exercise than normal. It felt good…even though it was stinkin’ hot!

Last night I went out and pulled a few weeds and planted a couple things that I had gotten as gifts. I used the hoe to work up a couple small beds and now my back is SCREAMING at me. I can hardly bend over…not a good thing with 3 little munchkins around. So, I didn’t do much today. Guess maybe I should get up and move around and see if that would help, but it really is painful. I’ve been trying to decide if it is a muscle issue or something else…I think something else. Anyway, enough complaining!

I was so hoping to at least lose a couple pounds while there, but no such luck. Still holding at about 195. Grrr!

Pedometer count was up for most of the week since we stayed on the 2nd floor of a church and did more walking just around there.


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