Got lots of cleaning done this am. I think it counted as some exercise. I worked up quite a sweat…lol! Did okay eating until we went to the China Buffet after Dave’s game. I ate way too much, trying to decide if it was less than usual or not. Not really sure, but I was quite full…but not quite overstuffed…so maybe not quite as much, but who cares? It was still TOO much. I feel like I’m becoming more aware of how much I eat and more aware of how full I feel. Now if I would just listen when my stomach says ENOUGH! Instead of listening to my mouth saying “mmmmm…so good…have some more”. Baby steps is definitely the way of things lately. I’m trying I guess, that’s more than I had been doing.

I also have to remember that this weight did not all hop on me at once and it isn’t going to fall off all at once either. It’s gonna take time to change habits and work on making new and healthier habits. One thing at a time doesn’t seem as overwhelming as trying to completely change everything all at once. And I as look back to where this blog started I do see some progress. Still doesn’t seem like much, but it’s progress and that’s what is important. I’ve limited the amount of pop I’m drinking. I’m becoming more aware of how much I’m eating. Those are both very important steps. And I can say that even when I don’t do very well at some of these things, I really haven’t felt discouraged. I just remind myself that these changes will take time and that it will be worth it in the end. I can’t go back and change what’s already done, so I just start from there and keep on going…. Why beat myself up? That just makes things worse. Focus on the things that are improving and keep working on those and then add some new challenges when I’m ready.

I can do this! I will do this! I’m tired of being overweight, but it’s not gonna change until I start making changes in what I’m doing. I want to feel better about myself (and I know that shouldn’t soley depend on weight, but it does play a big part in it right now), I want to be able to do things with my boys–go down slides, swing, etc–without worrying if I’ll fit or if I’ll break something.

So…the weight is a big thing, but more than that it should be about my health. With a family history of diabetes, heart problems, etc. I should be more than motivated to get this under control now. Plus, it doesn’t get any easier as I get older to lose weight.

So, there’s my motivational speech to myself I guess. Now if I can just stick to it and quit being so critical of myself. I need to keep all these things in mind and learn to accept myself as I am. My husband loves me, my boys love me, my family loves me…whether I’m thick or thin. What more could I ask for?

Well, guess that’s my book for this evening. Ha!

Pedometer: Approx. 7,000


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