Had family here for the weekend. And I also ended up with a mean old headache (migraine type of thing) that started Fri evening and lasted til this evening….UGH!

Fri, eating was ok I think. Had pizza for supper, but only had one piece of meatlover’s thin crust and 2 breadsticks. I was proud of myself for that. I normally would have stuffed myself. Sat, went shopping and felt pretty miserable. Ate a chicken fajita roll-up ate just over half and a few fries. I thought about getting broccoli, but my stomach felt kinda icky from the headache and broccoli sounded blech!

Today, not too bad. Had brownies and ice cream tonight, but didn’t overdo it like normal.

So, overall, I’m doing better about portion sizes and just trying to eat less in general. Still not very healthy I guess. Need to work on getting more fruits and vegetables and stuff like that. Drank more pop this weekend than I have in a while, but still doing well with that. I usually go at leat several days without any and then maybe have one. I poured myself some tonight at the swim party and it didn’t even taste good. Think I only ended up drinking a few sips of it.


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