Not proud that I didn’t stick out the Atkins thing. But I just don’t have the time to be making the meals I should eat. I usually only cook for supper and the other 2 meals are quick things (sandwiches, etc.) I’ve tried making extra, but that’s not working very well either (there is a husband who keeps eating my stuff!!)

Now…I do have to say that I am proud that I am doing better at portion sizes and am still trying to avoid carbs to an extent. Trying to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. Not just keep eating because I think I should finish what I have or because my mouth wants more. This is a big thing for me. My brain says “enough” but my mouth wants to keep tasting more. So this is something I’m working on. I think baby steps is gonna be the thing for me.

So, I’m still drinking very little pop. I have some now and then, but not every day and not very much when I do. It’s weird, cuz it sure doesn’t hit the spot like it used to. Now, I’m working on the portion control and stopping when I’m full. Gonna try to listen to the brain (and stomach) and not my mouth wanting more.

Pedometer: 7214


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