Atkins is fading fast. It’s just so hard, cuz anything I can eat takes so much more prep. I know, what an excuse, but it’s true. Did okay at lunch today…actually did well at lunch, but then had a couple pancakes (plain…no syrup or butter) and then went to Taco Bell after the softball game (nope, I don’t play…only guys). I ate one soft taco, one breadstick, and not even one whole slice of a personal pan pizza. Which is a big improvement over what I would have normally eaten.

I should stick to Atkins, but at the same time, I think I am better off just trying to make better decisions about what I eat. I need to eat healthier, but also just smaller portions. Feel like I’m so back and forth, but it has to be something maintainable (which I knew Atkins would not be). It needs to be things that I can permanantly change and not something that is only short term.

Pedometer: approx. 5000…got cleared again somehow…grrrr.


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