Not much to say today. Eating: did okay. Didn’t do a whole lot I guess.

Weight: 192

Pedometer: 4152



Not proud that I didn’t stick out the Atkins thing. But I just don’t have the time to be making the meals I should eat. I usually only cook for supper and the other 2 meals are quick things (sandwiches, etc.) I’ve tried making extra, but that’s not working very well either (there is a husband who keeps eating my stuff!!)

Now…I do have to say that I am proud that I am doing better at portion sizes and am still trying to avoid carbs to an extent. Trying to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. Not just keep eating because I think I should finish what I have or because my mouth wants more. This is a big thing for me. My brain says “enough” but my mouth wants to keep tasting more. So this is something I’m working on. I think baby steps is gonna be the thing for me.

So, I’m still drinking very little pop. I have some now and then, but not every day and not very much when I do. It’s weird, cuz it sure doesn’t hit the spot like it used to. Now, I’m working on the portion control and stopping when I’m full. Gonna try to listen to the brain (and stomach) and not my mouth wanting more.

Pedometer: 7214


Atkins is fading fast. It’s just so hard, cuz anything I can eat takes so much more prep. I know, what an excuse, but it’s true. Did okay at lunch today…actually did well at lunch, but then had a couple pancakes (plain…no syrup or butter) and then went to Taco Bell after the softball game (nope, I don’t play…only guys). I ate one soft taco, one breadstick, and not even one whole slice of a personal pan pizza. Which is a big improvement over what I would have normally eaten.

I should stick to Atkins, but at the same time, I think I am better off just trying to make better decisions about what I eat. I need to eat healthier, but also just smaller portions. Feel like I’m so back and forth, but it has to be something maintainable (which I knew Atkins would not be). It needs to be things that I can permanantly change and not something that is only short term.

Pedometer: approx. 5000…got cleared again somehow…grrrr.


Diet? What diet??? Didn’t do well at all today, but I wasn’t too discouraged, because I pretty much knew that would be the case. I tried to take it easy with what I ate and I think I did fairly well. Didn’t feel overstuffed, which is an improvement. I could have skipped the bun for my burger, but didn’t. However, I only ate one half of the bun. Took smaller portions and ate fruit rather than a bunch of chips. Had far too much dessert though.

Pedometer: 2852

Weight: 193


Pedometer: 5557

Not doing so well with Atkins this weekend, but trying to be more aware of portion sizes. And to make better choices about what I do eat.


Did okay with Atkins til suppertime. We went to my husband’s grandma’s for supper so I didn’t have much control over what we ate. However, I could control my portions and they were MUCH smaller than what they would normally be. I also had dessert, but it was mostly fruit, so that was even half way decent.

Weight: 193

Stupid pedometer cleared somehow again today…grrrr! Right now it is at 3589 steps, but I know there was at least 1200 on before it cleared and actually I think it was closer to 2000. Oh well. Not many steps, but pretty good for how exhausted I feel.


Did okay with the Atkins thing. Still eating more than what you’re supposed to in the first couple weeks, but still far less than I normally would. Those stinkin’ schoteroos are still here too. Grma left some for the boys. Oy! I’m proud to say though that I’ve had one small square. I’m sure normally I could have eaten 5 or 6 in a day.

Pedometer got cleared somehow partway through my day (think I must have laid on the button while laying the boys down for naps). It was at 1500 at the end of the night.  I’m guessing there was about 3 or 4 thousand on when it was cleared, but who knows.


Stinking scotheroos! But I’ve been strong. Just a tiny little bite today. Went to Applebee’s for lunch and got and oriental chix salad. Again, more carbs than I should have I’m sure, but better than what a sandwich and fries would have.

Went to the grocery…think that was about 3000 steps just doing that. Left the ped. upstairs, but I think it was right around 5 or 6 thousand. ETA: The final count was around 6500 or a bit more.

Weight: 194


Did well with the Atkins stuff. Probably didn’t keep the carbs as low as I am supposed to, but still waaaaaaaaaay less than normal. My grandparents came and she brought scotheroos! Yum! I had a small little square (which probably contained more carbs than I’m supposed to have all day). However, normally I would have scarfed down lots of small squares so overall I was quite proud of myself for being strong!

Wore the pedometer for the first time today. Right around 8100 steps today.