I FINALLY made it to the health club today! Although I really didn’t want to go. Got up about 6:30…coulda been there by 8 or so, but didn’t get there til almost 11. Anyway, just glad I finally went. I walked on the treadmill for about 10 min. or so and then did a few of the circuit machines. Think I need to try to go to some of the classes. Working out is boring and I don’t push myself very hard. If I’m in a class I would push harder to keep up.

Sad part…I weighed myself on the “real” (the balance kind) scales….said 201! Ick! I like my scales better.

I also walked the parking lot 4 or five times again. This time carrying a baby in a carrier on my chest. It’s so nice to be able to be outside!


One thought on “4-9

  1. GREAT JOB!!! I had to work off something today….walked alllllll over the house, up and down stair, out to shop…whew..!!! LOL

    Keep up the good work….

    Should I make you walk while you are here???

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