Didn’t make it to the health club, but did a bunch more cleaning again today, so at least I was up and moving around. Just running the vacuum onĀ  the main level probably takes a good 15 min. or so. Felt like I did better at not eating so much today. Still not very healthy stuff, but at least not as much. I keep thinking I need to start writing down everything I eat. That might help me to eat a bit less…won’t want to have to write it down.

Mom is coming tomorrow. Depending on what time she might get here I want to try to go to the gym before she gets here.



I suppose I did okay with what I ate…not great, but not too bad either. Got lots of cleaning done today, so I guess that will have to count for some of my exercise…hehe. Although I vacuumed a majority of the house, so I think that counts for something.

Gonna try to make it to the health club tomorrow.


Yay! Went to the health club today. Did the elliptical for 20 mins and rowing machine for 10 mins. So already this week is off to a better start. Want to try to make it at least once more this week.

Weight: 196

4-25 & 4-26

Went to a woman’s retreat. Got a good amount of walking in…think it was about 4 miles or so (one friend was wearing a pedometer) on Fri. However Sat, we sat most of the day since we were in seminars all day. Meals weren’t huge, but we did have some extra snacks.


Was moving around most of today trying to get this place in a bit of order before leaving for the ladies’ retreat. I should get some walking in tomorrow, since we will be doing some shopping at the outlet mall nearby.


Could give some more excuses…but whatever they are…just didn’t make it to the health club again!!! Why is that sooo hard for me?? ARGH!!! Did some cleaning, so I guess I got a tiny bit of exercise, but not nearly enough…cleaning or exercising.

Forgot to weigh myself again.

Eating was okay. Didn’t really have much to eat today actually. Never really had supper because of a meeting and church and just had a bagel and cream cheese about 9:30pm.


What a day. Didn’t get to the health club. I was just getting ready to take the boys out and walk around the parking lot when I discovered that the bank right across the street from us had been robbed and someone had been shot (bank teller, pregnant w/ twins!!!). So…the parking lot became the police command center (still haven’t caught the guy as far as I know). Too many cars coming and going to make it safe to walk. We were all quite disappointed about that. They were here most of the day. So…another excuse….and another day of not doing so well. ARGH!!!

Scared to stand on the scale. Maybe I’ll take the plunge in the morning.

4-20 and 4-21

4-20…did ok I guess. Still trying to catch up on missed sleep.

4-21…I was all ready to make myself get up and head to the gym first thing. Then when I got up at 5:40am to give a bottle I remembered that all 3 of my boys had dr’s appts at 9:40…darn! So that took a while, then it was lunchtime, then naptime, then suppertime, and bedtime. Grrrr! Didn’t even manage to get out and circle the parking lot.


All I have to say is that next week has got to be better than this one! Feels like my week just went away. Anyway, sleep was rough last night and had youth stuff this am…so didn’t do much again. Got a pretty good nap which was nice.

I have big goals for this week…we’ll see if I accomplish them.