Still no pop. Actually, I had a cup of coffee this morning and then just water all day. Kept track of water and I’m on my 7th glass. So doing much better with that today.

Did okay as far as eating. Trying hard to pay attention and stop when I’m full. And to slow down when I eat.

Another goal for the week….try to start exercising.


2 thoughts on “3-24

  1. Keep up the GREAT work…. Check out website… I Can Make You Thin – mckenna.com He has some good ideas on there too. HGTV also has a show about him and you can read some on their site.

  2. Thanks. I’ve seen parts of the show (never seem to get to the tv at the right time). I looked at his site a bit the other day too. I’ve been trying to slow down and eat and put my fork down between bites. Did manage to catch that part of the show.

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