Well….I’ve had far too much candy today. Darn Easter Egg hunt at church this morning. GRRRR! Not much self control there.

However, still no pop today. Although I did consider it for a moment. There is a bit of diet Coke left in the fridge and Dave won’t drink it (he drinks Coke Zero). But I did actually have some self control there….so I just need to dump what’s left…then I won’t be tempted.

Another positive. I was trying to be more conscientious (sp?) of how I was eating. I made sure to sit at the table/counter and put my fork down after each bite and to chew lots of times. And to try to be more aware of feeling full. I think I did pretty well.

Decided to try not to weigh myself every day, since weight fluctuates so much anyway. Gonna try to just do that once a week…or maybe twice, we’ll see.


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