No pop still… And no chocolate today either. Actually, no caffeine today. I never got around to making coffee. Okay, did have some chocolate milk in the morning…lol. But I didn’t eat candy.

Felt hungry several times today, which is good I think. Don’t always feel hungry when I eat. And I did leave some food on my plate too.



An okay day. Nothing particularly healthy to eat, but more careful about portion sizes.


Did a bit better today. Now to work on snacking…..

Not much in the way of exercise. Did some cleaning, but nothing major.

As long as all the munckins are feeling well next week, I’m hoping to actually work on that exercising goal. The older 2 weren’t feeling too hot this week, therefore, not sleeping well either so I was pretty exhausted all week. (I know, it’s an excuse). I’m still trying to grasp that tomorrow is Sun. already. Seems like Easter was only a couple days ago.


Think I did okay today. Not great, but better than the last few days as far as eating goes.

As for exercise. I went and got groceries….not much, but it has to count for something!


Stinking brownies! Thank goodness they are almost gone. I need to work on self control!

I guess I did a bit of exercise today. Was playing with the boys. Was lifting them on my legs while laying on my back and some other stuff like that. Better than nothing I guess, but didn’t really get my heartrate up or anything.

I’m hoping that everyone will be feeling well (and sleeping better) so that I get more rest and have the energy to exercise.


Forgot to post last night. About the only good thing I can report is that I still haven’t had any pop (okay maybe a sip at some point, but….). Made brownies for a playdate…not good! Well, the brownies were good, but not good to have them around. Almost gone, so that’s good.

Had a dr. appt. today and according to their scales I weigh 205….argh! Think I’ll stick with the numbers I have on mine. LOL. I weigh about 10 lbs. less on mine.


Whew. It was so hard to not order pop for supper tonight. Dave and I (and Joshua) went to Red Lobster for supper. I had tea. (Darnit, I was gonna be good and just have water. Also would have saved me two bucks!) Unfortunately, I ate more than I should have, but it’s just so darn good! I did skip the fries however. So, that did help a bit. I didn’t eat those and feel even more stuffed.

 Now I need someone to kick my butt and get me into the exercising groove.


Still no pop. Actually, I had a cup of coffee this morning and then just water all day. Kept track of water and I’m on my 7th glass. So doing much better with that today.

Did okay as far as eating. Trying hard to pay attention and stop when I’m full. And to slow down when I eat.

Another goal for the week….try to start exercising.


Happy Easter!

Day number 3 with NO pop! And it hasn’t been as bad as I thought.

Too much candy again today, but not as bad as yesterday. Actually, now that I think about it. I really haven’t had much candy today.

We had a pitch in at church today and I did not feel overstuffed when I was done. I didn’t have tons on my plate (so easy to do at a pitch-in) and I didn’t finish everything on my plate. I did have some dessert, but again, took smaller portions than normal and didn’t even eat it all.

Overall, I guess today wasn’t too bad.

My goal for this week is to make sure I’m drinking plenty of water.


Well….I’ve had far too much candy today. Darn Easter Egg hunt at church this morning. GRRRR! Not much self control there.

However, still no pop today. Although I did consider it for a moment. There is a bit of diet Coke left in the fridge and Dave won’t drink it (he drinks Coke Zero). But I did actually have some self control there….so I just need to dump what’s left…then I won’t be tempted.

Another positive. I was trying to be more conscientious (sp?) of how I was eating. I made sure to sit at the table/counter and put my fork down after each bite and to chew lots of times. And to try to be more aware of feeling full. I think I did pretty well.

Decided to try not to weigh myself every day, since weight fluctuates so much anyway. Gonna try to just do that once a week…or maybe twice, we’ll see.